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At the St. Moritz Art Masters Festival in August 2010 the Maybach Foundation presented its new mentoring project for the up and coming American Photographer Garret Suhrie who will be mentored by star photographer David LaChapelle.

Current Events

The Maybach Manufaktur has created a web special about the Garret Suhrie/David LaChapelle Mentorship Program. This excellent piece can be seen here.
On September 10, 2011 the Daimler AG hosted a delightful get-together in Sindelfingen, Germany at the Center of Excellence. Garret had the opportunity to interact with the guests and describe in person aspects about his artwork, experiences while traveling for his various shoots, his mentorship with star photographer David LaChapelle and his time as a Maybach Foundation Protégé. This intimate experience allowed for the rare meeting between art enthusiast and artist, and proved to be one of the highlights for many at the event. Garret Suhrie showed a total of 10 of his photographs during the Maybach Center of Excellence Event in Stuttgart, Germany. Two of the photographs will be donated to the Daimler Art Collection. A beautiful video from the event can be seen on the Maybach Manufaktur's website here.

An article written in German about Garret and the event can be found here.

Included in the German text is the following reference to Garret's exhibition at the Center of Excellence event:

In addition to admiring automotive treasures at the event, one could also admire the photographs of Garret Suhrie from Harrisburg (USA). Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, the great grandson of the founder of the Brand, introduced the 27 year old artist, who was personally supported by David LaChapelle during the mentoring program of the Wilhelm and Karl Maybach Foundation.

September 4, 2011- Garret Suhrie’s work was featured at the unique St. Moritz Art Walk. This exhibition, set along a rustic walking path on the Swiss Engadin, gave viewers the opportunity to enjoy a selection of Garret’s photography in surroundings which rivaled the beauty of the photographs themselves. As guests walked along the narrow mountain pathway, Suhrie’s expert use of contrast and focus provided strong examples of exactly how positive an impact a mentorship can have on a young individual. The Maybach Foundation would like to thank Garret for his work at this event, and would like to congratulate him on his successful exhibition.   

Attempting to harness the power of photography to conserve our most precious resources, the International League of Conservation Photographers ("ILCP") has grown to a well respected fellowship program including many talented artists. Recently, the ILCP held a sold out event at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles which was attended by Maybach Foundation protégé Garret Suhrie. This event featured Paul Nicklen who outlined some of the struggles associated with the ascertainment of goals set by many nature photographers, and how organizations such as the ILCP are introducing new methods to overcome these struggles. This presentation helped to reinforce Suhrie's drive and dedication to photograph nature and to provide examples of how one can utilize photography to convey socially important messages.

Since launching the mentorship in August 2010, Suhrie has spent time in Hawaii, as well as Los Angeles, in preparing for international exhibitions to showcase his work. In addition, in connection with the 16th annual Los Angeles Art Show, guests admired the work of Suhrie at the new Ritz-Carlton Residences of L.A. At this event Suhrie presented many of his own photographs in addition to a piece created in collaboration with his mentor David LaChapelle.

Share Garret’s journey in his blog.

In Garret Suhrie the Foundation has found a young photographer who began by documenting the decaying industrial facilities in his home city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Garret’s focus during the mentorship will be on documenting the beauty of the natural world. “While the natural world has been well documented throughout generations of infinite talent, there are still amazing original sights hidden everywhere-the key to finding them is having the patience to look in a different light”. The mentor, star photographer David LaChapelle, was himself the beneficiary of mentorship.” One of the most important things I can do in my career is to share my experience with aspiring artists. I have had the honor to work with and learn from some of the most important artists of our time. I feel that the time they spent with me would be wasted if I didn’t share what I learned from them. The Maybach mentorship program has provided me with an amazing opportunity to share that knowledge with a young artist whose talent I believe in.”

Project Components

As pat of the David LaChapelle Project, The Foundation provides:

  • Exhibition planning and execution
  • Networking opportunities with high-level photographers
  • Critical review by leaders in the Arts
  • Commuinity service activities
  • Coaching on development of concrete objectives, enabling the protégé to achieve his individual goals 


Suhrie has an unusual perspective on the urban world that he shares through his photography. Because he lives in Los Angeles, an urban world that is loud, overcrowded and technical, nature is a luxury to him. Suhrie sees luxury in nature in the form of something that is unadulterated, untouched or simply just stillness. Through the power of photographic storytelling, the Foundation is trying to motivate society to appreciate and preserve nature as a way to survive urban chaos.  

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