Food Movement Leadership


Executive Director from Seedling Projects, Sarah Weiner, Maybach Protégé Tessa Tricks and Operations Manager from Seedling Projects Christina Skonberg


One aspect of the Culinary Arts Mentorship Series is Food Movement Leadership. Through this project the Foundation connected Tessa Tricks, a post-graduate student in the Anthropology of Food from the United Kingdom with Sarah Weiner and other leaders from, a San Francisco based organization which sponsors the Good Food Awards, which work with over 700 sustainable business throughout the United States who enter the award competition on an annual basis.

To assist Tessa Tricks in food movement leadership she worked on all aspects of the 2014 Good Food Awards, including setting up blind tastings/judging, communicating with food critics, writers, restaurant owners and chefs who act as award judges, vetting finalists in the competition, investigating sustainable business practices, mounting an award ceremony and organizing the award gala in 2014.

Tessa also worked on expanding participation in the Good Food Merchants Guild, an organization of American craft food businesses who meet the criteria of taste, authenticity and responsible production.

The mentorship gave Tessa Tricks the opportunity to forge strong relationships for future collaboration, investigate examples of best practices from the US sustainable food movement and bring a skill set and range of useful experiences and project ideas back to the United Kingdom.

Since complenting her mentorship in March 2014, Tessa has returned to England and is working as communications director with Slow Food as part of the Bristol Food Connections Festival in May 2014 and a food symposium with Nourish Scotland in Edinburgh in June 2014.

Follwo Tessa at the Sustainable Food Trust and her mentors at Seedling Projects

The Protégé

Tessa Tricks is a 24 year old nominated by Aine Morris of the Sustainable Food Trust organization in the United Kingdom. Tessa has been active in the Slow Food Movement and worked with Slow Food on her college campus in Leeds. She also worked as a chef at The Ethicurean, a local restaurant with an exceptional local sourcing policy, a Michelin bib-gourmand and a cookbook, which Tessa helped research. She interned and later worked in communications for the Sustainable Food Trust. In addition, Tessa worked for over three years at Fork Magazine, a Bristol based magazine which celebrates independent food producers and artisans. She has just completed her Masters Degree at SOAS University in London, in the Anthropology of Food.

Project Components

  • leadership training in food movement
  • networking opportunities among food movement leaders
  • Access to sustainable food programs
  • enhancement of business skills

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