Biography of Muzaffar Khan

Advisory Group of the Maybach Foundation

Muzaffar Khan has an extensive background working in hedge funds and leading investment banks (Citibank, Barclays Capital) and was a strategist for Moore Capital, one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world. After five years as an emerging market strategist, he retired to become vice chairman of ACOPS which is an international environmental charity. At the same time he was a consultant to the Man Environmental Capital Opportunities division of Man Group Plc.

In 2007 Muzaffar successfully completed a second Master's degree at the London School of Economics in development studies (economics). His dissertation title was "Dealing with Market Failure: How carbon credits are influencing the investment behavior of capital markets and investment funds". Muzaffar is now a Principal and a Board Member of Space Energy, a company seeking to harness the power of a new source of renewable energy - space solar power.

Muzaffar has a BSc degree in Industrial and Business Economics from the LSE, and an MA in English Literature from King's College London.

In 2009 he co-authored a book called Racing towards Excellence with his mentee Jan Sramek, a Goldman Sachs emerging markets trader. The foreword for the book is written by Sir Howard Davies, ex-head of the UK’s Financial Services Authority and current board member of Morgan Stanley UK. Racing Towards Excellence funds the non-profit website Oxbridge Admissions Info, which provides advice to students looking to apply to Oxford and Cambridge Universities