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Daimler AG and its Maybach brand are providing core support to the Excellence in Mentoring Leadership program, Daimler and Maybach partner with the Foundation to offer shared events that help connect protégés with world-class mentors and patrons. Maybach also assists the Foundation by helping to identify future mentors and individual donors from its high-net-worth global network. This intersection of corporate social responsibility and family philanthropy results in an unparalleled level of support to each individual protégé, helping make true innovation possible as their careers develop.

The Maybach name stands for one of the most luxurious and exclusive cars in the world. Even at the beginning of the last century — when motor cars were in their early infancy — the name of Maybach was closely associated with the still relatively new Mercedes brand.  In 1900 Wilhelm Maybach, technical director at Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and long-time companion of Gottlieb Daimler, developed the first Mercedes which was a milestone in automotive engineering of the day and paved the way for all modern passenger cars.

Since 2002, the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62 have carried on the Maybach tradition. In 2005, Maybach added the 57 Special to its model family — a high-end luxury saloon with a sporty chassis. Since 2006, a fourth Maybach variant, the 62 Special, has been combining extraordinary travelling comfort with superior driving performance. At the end of 2007, the luxury brand also unveiled the unique open-top Maybach Landaulet, the likes of which is offered by no other manufacturer of series-produced vehicles.


The Maybach Foundation 1-1-1 Partners 


Knibb Design is an award-winning environmental design/build firm based in Los Angeles, providing comprehensive landscape, interior and furniture design services for a wide range of residential, hospitality and community projects in California, New York and Jamaica. Company principal Sean Knibb is influenced by his travels, contemporary art, fashion and nature.

"I have been fortunate over the years to have had key individuals guide and mentor me through my education, both as an artist and a business professional. As a prominent florist in Jamaica, my grandmother was my first mentor and I would assist her in cultivating Anthuriums in the garden, and later working to create arrangements. I shared her passion for working with Nature, and as a result, I gained the ability to see first hand how through care and time ideas grow, and in my case, turn into environments. Over the years these designs have come to signify my outlook on life: they blend past experiences with attempts, mistakes, as well as successes.  With the Maybach Foundation at the forefront, we have only great things to look forward to."

ECD international is a full service agency which is specialized in integrated communications for companies and brands positioned in the premium and luxury segment. ECD knows how to handle the specific rules of those markets and rely on an extensive and resilient network worldwide for years now.

By virtue of its relationship with the Maybach automotive brand, ECD has been instrumental in helping the Maybach Foundation distribute its message of mentoring and leadership on a global scale. In particular ECD is involved in assistance with the Foundation’s arts mentorships, in developing catalogue preparation and the mounting of exhibitions and events. Many thanks to ECD for its generous assistance.

FELIX BOPP is a German based luxury brand standing for extraordinary design and products. The intent of the founder and designer Felix Bopp is to create and to reflect a young, innovative and elegant lifestyle. Originally coming from technical product design, now he has launched a new fashion line of accessories, starting with a belt and buckle collection in 2011. Felix Bopp and his team value handicraft, sustainability and excellent quality.

"Since my childhood I like to create. My intention is to create an atmosphere that beautifies life and gives people a good feeling. In our products you'll find passion for extraordinary design. With the brand FELIX BOPP we make a statement of luxury in a contemporary way. We are a young company and we love working together especially with young talented individuals in fashion, arts and business. I'm convinced that collaboration is the best way to get things moving. FELIX BOPP seeks to promote talent and collaboration outside the fashion world as well. The outstanding concept of the Maybach Foundation to encourage young talent and future leaders fits perfectly with our philosophy and I look forward to the partnership with the Maybach Foundation."

dB is a French company that develops its leather belts, bags and boots in Buenos Aires, where their designs are inspired by the polo playing world. Owners and managers are polo players and fashion experts from Paris who have their hands on the best designs and leather factories, not only in Europe but also in Argentina, from where the pampa design, polo flair and the best quality leathers come.



Media Sponsors


PACE Polosport-Magazin is the polo sports magazine for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Covering “all things polo” from major tournaments to player’s profiles, from polo playing techniques to polo’s personalities, PACE is a must-read.



Hurlingham Magazine is a blend of information, opinion and life style, reflecting the interests of the international polo community both on and off the playing field.

PACE Magazine
and Hurlingham Magazine are working closely with the Maybach Foundation to inform readers about the Post-Apartheid Role Model Project and the progress of our protégé Sbu Duma. Through this media partnership, readers of PACE and Hurlingham are learning more about Sbu’s dream to be South Africa's first black high-goal polo player and a role model for other young people from disadvantaged circumstances. The magazines PACE and Hurlingham also assist the Foundation by helping to identify future sponsors and individual donors.

The Progress Film Company provides filming and editing services for a variety of different clients and solutions. They work with brands to communicate their unique stories and beliefs to a multitude of different platforms and to a wide range of audiences. At the heart of their work is a crackling energy and passion for filmmaking. Clients include Peugeot UK, SAAB, Felix Dennis, Snow-Camp, and Woodland Trust, amongst many others. The Progress Film Company produced the film about Maybach Foundation protégé Sbu Duma, available on the PARM project page; and is developing a documentary film on Mr. Duma as well. 


Gold Level Sponsors


Tour Pro Events is a young & upcoming event agency specialized in worldwide VIP Golf Events. Kevin Berger & Niki Ferrari are both Golf Playing Professionals on the European Tour and have therefore great expertise in the world of golf. Niki Ferrari also has a degree in International Economics. Active around the world since 2003, Tour Pro Events is also very well connected in the world of business and VIPs.  Tour Pro Events promotes the Maybach Foundation by offering a platform in its golf tournaments to present the Foundation as charity partner. This helps to increase the recognition of the Maybach Foundation and to make new contacts.


In-Kind Sponsors and Service Providers

SpeechSkills provides expert communication training to help you develop your professional communication skills. Whether you'd like to strengthen your presentation skills, look more confident and credible, define your core message, organize your thoughts, or find new and effective ways to collaborate with your team, we'll give you the practical skills you need to succeed in today's competitive business world.


ZEROTWONINE cooperates with the Maybach Foundation at events like the Cannes Film Festival and offers members and friends of the Foundation concierge service and special service packages.   ZEROTWONINE is an international members club for discerning travellers and experience seekers. Member benefits include:  VIP access to the World’s most prestigious events, tailor-made travel consultancy and management for individuals and groups,  private event planning and individual concierge service, participation in free of charge five star hotel and resort tests worldwide, exclusive corporate arrangements, and a member loyalty scheme.


Past Sponsors and Service Providers


Kary Multimedia AG provides The Maybach Foundation with support during our events by donating their exclusive media player, using its forward-looking 3D presentation technology — DEEP 3DFLY — to present the work of the Foundation in a whole new dimension.  As an exceptional presentation tool in an individual look, the media player from KARY Multimedia AG are manufactured  in a range from 19" to 46" and are avaible in most European and international markets.

POYS is an independent, owner-managed agency for Public Relations and communication. Their range of services includes consultancy and the development and implementation of concepts and strategies. The agency was founded in 1994 and now has 18 employees in Cologne, Munich and Berlin. POYS is a founder member of the European agency network Boundless Communication. POYS supports the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation by providing public relations and communications expertise.

punktzwei  markenagenturis a communications agency founded in 1996 with a clear focus on brand profiling. Interlocking strategy, design and communications, they provide holistic brand concepts for companies, products and services. Their concepts lead to media independent design and communications solutions. They have vast experience in the fields of Food & Beverage, Telecom & Consumer Electronics as well as Retail. Language barriers are not an obstacle; they provide English, French, Italian and German in-house. punktzwei markenagentur is a member of the ComVort Group, the world’s largest independent network of private owned specialised communications agencies represented in over 70 countries on all continents with over 170 offices. punktzwei supports the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation by providing media services and communication expertise.

Founded in 2002 by Dietmar Lyssy and Marcus Uhl, Bilderfest factual entertainment specializes in high-quality historical and scientific documentaries, popular science magazines as well as corporate and commercial videos. Its clients include German and international TV stations such as ARTE, ARD, ProSieben or Discovery Channel, as well as global companies like AOL, Holy Fashion Group (Strellson; Windsor), Etienne Aigner or Mettler Toledo. Thanks to excellent know-how in high-definition TV productions and high-quality 3D computer animations, Bilderfest is one of the most innovative TV production companies in Germany. The head office in Munich has a team of 20 permanent employees and some 60 freelancers. Furthermore, Bilderfest maintains a worldwide network of business relations among which rank some of the most experienced directors, cameramen and CGI experts. Bilderfest factual entertainment helped capture the unforgettable impressions of our Cannes 2009 events on film.

Magician Dr. Florian Ilgen is a magic entertainer specializing in trade show and exclusive corporate events. He focuses his performances on close-up magic. In addition, Florian Ilgen offers stage acts as well as trade or product shows. The highlight of his shows is his charm and sleight of hand with which he knows how to enchant even skeptical people. For the Maybach Foundation the magician fascinated the guests in the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm at the Vintage Luggage Trophy 2009. Apart from the close-up act at the individual tables he performed a mental piece on stage.