The Foundation carefully selects protégés who have the professional skill, the leadership potential and the vision to become positive change agents.


Protégé Selection Process

The Maybach Foundation has a rigorous nomination process in place to ensure protégés are carefully selected. Protégé candidates are nominated by the Foundation’s constantly growing network of partner organizations, including educational institutions, foundations, and professional associations. As part of the process the Foundation’s nomination forms have to be completed and submitted.

Once the Foundation receives protégé nominations, they are reviewed by a tailored selection panel which is comprised of sector-specific experts and Foundation staff. The panel evaluates the nominees by applying pre-determined selection criteria and using standardized evaluation tools. Eligible candidates and their proposed projects then proceed to the next stage of the selection process, which includes in-person interviews, reference checks and a further panel review. In cases where the mentor has been identified in advance, his/her input is taken into consideration as part of the evaluation process. After the panel has selected one or more finalists, a recommendation is being made to the Foundation’s board of directors which makes the final decision.

Occasionally a protégé is being nominated as part of a proposed project that is closely connected with this specific protégé. In these cases no competition is being held. However, these candidates are going though the same process of being thoroughly vetted and they have to meet all the criteria set forth by the Foundation.

Protégé Selection Criteria:
  • Age: Between 18 and 30 
  • Talent: Demonstrated talent and potential in their chosen field
  • Need: Facing adversity
  • Professional Development Potential: Ability of the Maybach Foundation to significantly impact the candidate’s ability to realize his or her potential   
  • Leadership Potential: Clearly expressed goal and commitment to ‘give back’ and make a positive difference in the lives of others

Criteria that will not be considered include color, race, caste, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, except to welcome diversity.

(In cases where a project requires for a protégé to reside outside of his/her home country, and a visa has to be obtained, the Foundation is committed to fully adhere to the required visa stipulations. All protégés will be thoroughly vetted and screened through an extensive nomination and interview process including the candidates’ clearly stated individual goal to return to his or her home country after the visa has expired.)


Further Questions

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