Revolutions in the Middle East


the Revolutions in the Middle East: An Update on Former Maybach Foundation Protégé Nicole Tung

In 2009, the Maybach Foundation supported the extraordinary talents of the emerging photographer Nicole Tung through a mentorship in the World Trade Center Documentary Arts Project.

“My time spent as a Maybach Foundation protégé, photographing the World Trade Center’s reconstruction process and being mentored by Joe Woolhead, allowed me to develop my eye and mind shooting in various situations. Artistically, I learned to look at the same construction site, over six months, and photograph it in different ways. I focused on the workers in particular, finding their shapes, expressions, and the human aspect of it, to be in complete contrast to the construction site itself. The experience of being a protégé also opened up many avenues within photography itself, and helped me along as I started my career in photojournalism.

I have most recently spent eight months documenting the Libyan revolution and war, looking in to people’s lives as they fought to topple Muammar el-Gaddafi who ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly 42 years.  I intend to continue documenting the Arab revolutions as they develop. What the Maybach Foundation mentorship program has often made me remember is that history needs to be documented, whether it is the rebirth of a place after a tragic event, or the renewal of a people who have gained freedom after years of repression.”

Through her documentation of the recent Revolutions in Egypt and Libya, Nicole has actively utilized the lessons she learned as a protégé. Having her photographs featured by clients such as The New York Time and Human Rights Watch, Nicole has applied her talents to help educate countless people as to the human elements of revolution.

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